Kindergarten 5 Little Pumpkins STEAM Challenge

A kindergarten student participating in the 5 little pumpkins STEAM challenge.
Andrew Dolgon

Hutchinson kindergarteners are busy being engineers in the classroom. After learning the classic poem, “5 Little Pumpkins,” the students brainstormed ways to make their own gates to hold the 5 little pumpkins. Using the Pelham Inquiry Cycle, the kindergarteners designed their ideas on paper and then applied their ideas by using craft sticks, wooden clothespins, and wooden cubes to design their fences. After their fences were built, they tested them by placing orange cubes (a.k.a. pumpkins) on the fences. They then reflected on the process and discussed whether or not they had to make improvements to their original designs. This project, which was an extension of the Science 21 Curriculum, is one of many that our Hutchinson kindergarteners will work on to be successful engineers.


Here are some photos of the students:

photo of computer on office desk with pelham logo on desktop

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