The rear of Hutchinson Elementary School.
Hutchinson Elementary School
Students direct a Beebot robot to specific letters and images.
Coding in K!

Kindergarten students in Mrs. DelMastro's class are learning the basics of coding and building number sense with Beebot robots. Using mats with a grid of letters, students decide on a specific box to send the Beebot. They then count how many boxes forward, left, or right to send the robot and program accordingly using directional buttons. Through this interactive activity, kindergartners practice counting skills while working with educational technology. The coding lessons don’t stop there, however. Students also use tablets with apps such as Kodable and Scratch Jr., which build the foundation of basic coding for young programmers.

Construction equipment and rocks are shown on the Hutchinson property
Site Preparation Underway

Rock removal has begun to clear the Hutchinson Site for the new school. View more photos

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