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Wednesday, April 16
Spring Recess**
If it is necessary to make up school days, this is the 4th make up day that school will be in session
Thursday, April 17
Spring Recess**
If it is necessary to make up school days, this is the 5th make up day that school will be in session
Friday, April 18
Spring Recess
Good Friday
Sunday, April 20
Monday, April 21
Spring Recess**
If it is necessary to make up school days, this is the 2nd make up day that school will be in session

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The Hutchinson School community has high expectations for academic excellence for all of its students. Teachers/staff, parents, and students will work together to foster an environment in which students are excited about learning and working at the peak of their abilities. We believe that learning is a lifelong process, and one to which teachers/staff, parents, and students must be fully committed. We will challenge and inspire our children to become creative and critical thinkers. We will motivate our students to be problem solvers, who can work both independently and collaboratively. As a community rich in diversity, we take pride in and celebrate our uniqueness. We expect students to take responsibility for their actions, respect one another, and make ethical choices.

Dear Families:

It is with great enthusiasm and a big smile that I welcome you to the 2013-2014 school year!  For me, I always find the summer is a perfect time to reflect on our past goals and begin planning  for the new year. This summer I was able to attend an institute at the Harvard Graduate School of Education focused on inclusive, welcoming schools and how important it is that families feel connected to their school. There’s considerable research that documents the importance of children feeling a sense of belonging, creating good friends and being engaged in making academic progress. All of these factors are highly predictive of success in school. This year, we will planmany opportunities for both students and families that will facilitate the connection with new friends and building of relationships.


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